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Adjudication Analyst

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
Position is responsible for determining the suitability of applicants, appointees, and employees in cases coming under client jurisdiction. Conducts telephonic inquiries, schedules personal investigations, and drafts correspondence needed to resolve suitability issues. Position also requires examining and evaluating information developed during inquiries, makes records searches or personal investigations to determine appropriate action; initiates due-process procedures when appropriate. Responsible for drafting correspondence to Federal agencies outlining proposed actions and writing case reports according to predetermined standard regarding suitability. Makes recommendations to the Security Programs Manager (SPM), the Section Chief, Personnel Security Investigations Section (PSIS) or the Personnel Security Adjudications Section (PSAS), regarding investigations/adjudications in security clearance matters both case specific and general.

Two years directly-related experience with an analysis of background investigation, personnel records, and other records as necessary for the purpose of making a written record of the accuracy and completeness of the investigation and to enable the client to create a security adjudication record, including preparing/documenting written findings and recommendations. One year experience must have been within the last 5 years.
Excellent oral and written communications skills also required.

Knowledge (based on application, some or all):
- Executive Order 12968 (Access to Classified Information)
- Executive Order 10450 (Security Requirements for Government Employees)
- DCID 6/4 CIA Personnel Security Standards and Procedures
- DOJ Employment Security Regulation
- NISPOM Nation Security Program
- OPM Adjudicative Guidelines
- Attorney General Guidelines
- US Code of Federal Regulations

Security Clearance:
Possess a current TS clearance, or be eligible for clearance reinstatement based on an SSBI which is less than five years old or has been inactive less than 2 years.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably with an area of study in Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Personnel Management and/or related subjects

Indicate any formal or OJT Adjudicative training.

No relocation funding available.

If you would like to apply for either of these positions, please and attach your resume.